01/15/2015 05:00 EST | Updated 03/16/2015 05:59 EDT

Family fuming after taxi boots teenagers for vomiting

An internal investigation is underway at a Sherbrooke taxi company after a driver allegedly kicked two teenage girls out on a street corner on New Year's Eve and charged them extra money after one of them threw up.     

The girls' families have filed complaints with the company and are waiting for an answer.

Sixteen year-old Laurie Gervais says her friend started to feel sick while the two teenagers were riding home from a party.

"She vomited out of the window," said Gervais. "The taxi driver stopped the car and he was very,very angry."

Gervais says the driver called them names, and demanded the girls pay $100.

She says they only had $75, which the driver took before leaving them on a street corner and driving off.

Some cities have started charging a so-called "vomit tax," however Sherbrooke is not one of them.

Gervais says it was freezing, so she decided to phone her father.

Denis Gervais says his daughter seemed distraught when she called.

"They could have frozen in a snow bank," Gervais said, adding that he's filed a complaint with Taxi DeSherbrooke because he doesn't want this to happen to others.

The Éduc'alcool organization says taxi drivers in Quebec have moral and legal obligations.

"One of them is to behave like a good father of a family," said director Hubert Sacy.

Sacy says that did not happen in this case.

Taxi DeSherbrooke says it will not comment until the internal investigation is complete.