01/15/2015 07:07 EST | Updated 03/17/2015 05:59 EDT

Hockey star Guy Lafleur says police and Crown ganged up on him as retribution

MONTREAL - Guy Lafleur testified Thursday that the Crown and Montreal police went after him unjustifiably because they couldn't get the evidence they wanted against his son.

The former Montreal Canadiens hockey star told his civil trial he believes authorities ganged up on him.

He is seeking $2.16 million against the Crown and Montreal police for what he calls financial losses, moral damages and suffering to his family.

Lafleur was arrested in 2008 for allegedly giving contradictory testimony during legal proceedings for his son, who was charged with sexual assault.

The former NHL star was found guilty in 2009 but the conviction was overturned on appeal.

Lafleur maintains his arrest was unjustified and unwarranted.

''I've always said they didn't get what they wanted in my son's case,'' he said.

He added that his initial reluctance to testify at Mark Lafleur's criminal proceedings annoyed police and ''came back to hurt me.''

''My feeling was this: 'we didn't get the son but we're going to get the father.'''

During Lafleur's cross-examination, the lawyer representing the Montreal police reminded him he originally called the case against him "a women's power trip" because many of the police and Crown lawyers were female.

Lafleur admitted to saying the words and added that the term was perhaps not appropriate.

Considering all that he went through, he became somewhat paranoid, Lafleur said.

He testified he became uncomfortable when he saw a female police officer involved in his son's case kiss the alleged victim as well as her mother.

Lafleur also said during his cross-examination that the Montreal Canadiens franchise stood by him throughout his legal proceedings.

Pierre-Yves Boisvert, a lawyer for the City of Montreal, told the court the Canadiens organization is very conscious of its image and that if it continued to support Lafleur, his own reputation couldn't have been tarnished as much as he claims.

The cross-examination will continue Friday.