01/15/2015 06:33 EST | Updated 03/17/2015 05:59 EDT

Schizophrenic man's daughter glad he's off the streets for now

The deaths of two homeless men during a recent cold snap had left Natalia Zurawska worried about her 60-year-old father.

Her father, a former computer engineer, has schizophrenia and is homeless.

Zurawska told CBC News that she's always worried about her father, more so during the current cold weather.

She obtained a mental-health order from a justice of the peace for police to detain her dad.

Zurawska said she went to a police station on Tuesday, but was told to wait because they were busy.

She says she waited five hours in total and wasn't happy with how she was treated.

"I got remarks like: 'He survived this long? What makes you think that doing this again is going to change anything?' I don't need to hear remarks like that," she said. "It's already very sensitive. It’s freezing outside and I just want some help," she said.

Police have since apologized, saying they had a large number of high-priority calls.

She and a friend ended up doing their own search for Zurawska's father on Wednesday. But they didn't find him.

However, on Thursday, Zurawska got a call from police to let her know that her dad had been located and taken by police to a hospital.

"I got to see him," she said. "He's in really terrible shape right now, so I'm hoping that he's going to get the help that he deserves."

Zurawska said she is relieved that for now he is out of the cold.

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