01/16/2015 05:43 EST | Updated 03/18/2015 05:59 EDT

Council members with Metis Nation-Saskatchewan obey judge, hold meeting

SASKATOON - Council members with Metis Nation-Saskatchewan are holding a court-ordered meeting.

A judge told the members last month to put aside their infighting and schedule a meeting for no later than January 23.

The federal government halted funding to the group last November because of its failure to hold an assembly.

The group is required to hold two legislative assemblies and one general assembly each year, but hasn't done so since 2010.

The two-day council meeting is taking place at a Saskatoon hotel.

The group's president, Robert Doucette, says one of the items on the agenda is to set a date for the next assembly.

Doucette's term expires in the fall of 2016 but says he won't be running again. (CJLR)