01/16/2015 06:34 EST | Updated 03/18/2015 05:59 EDT

Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh Arrested In Nepal, Accused Of Having Sex With Boy

KATHMANDU, Nepal - A media report from Nepal says a Canadian man is in jail after being accused of having sex with a boy in that country.

The Himalayan Times quotes a spokesperson with the Metropolitan Police Range in Jawalakhel as saying that Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh, 71, allegedly forced a boy into having sex with him on Dec. 13.

In 2013, an Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh had 17 child sex offence convictions in Nova Scotia quashed after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled his case took too long to go to trial.

The Canadian Press could not reach the Metropolitan Police Range in Nepal to confirm the identity of the accused and other details in the report.

In the Himalayan Times report, it says the Metropolitan Police Range received a complaint from the family of the alleged victim on Dec. 19 that a Canadian tourist lured him into a room at a guest house.

MacIntosh was accused of sexually abusing boys in Cape Breton in the 1970s.

The allegations surfaced in 1995, when he was living in India.

But he wasn't extradited until 2007 and the first of his two trials in Nova Scotia didn't start until 2010. His convictions were quashed in April 2013.


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