01/16/2015 02:44 EST | Updated 01/16/2015 02:59 EST

11 Ways We Get Lazy With Our Style During Winter

Juan Naharro Gimenez via Getty Images
MADRID, SPAIN - DECEMBER 17: Marta wearing Massimo Dutti boots, Fun & Basics handbag and Zara sweater on December 17, 2014 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images)

When spring comes to an end and the temperature starts dropping, fashionistas everywhere rejoice -- hooray for sweater weather!

Every year we let ourselves get excited about the inevitable chunky knits, luxe leathers, and cozy accessories we see on the runways, and every year, we just get disappointed. Getting dressed in the winter is actually the worst, and after a week of showing off our cold weather style, things start to go downhill. Just as quickly as we fall in love with winter style, we get over it. In turn, we start getting super lazy with our wardrobes (washing off salt stains is for suckers!).

While we should love the opportunity to experiment with winter trends, we tend to stick to what we know -- warmth is key, even if that means wearing the same sweater for an entire week. We know you agree.

For all the ways winter turns fashionistas into lazy dressers, just continue reading below.

1. Hat hair means never having to style your locks.

You've tried it, there's no point. And hats are in season, so you're golden!

2. Resorting to one sweatshirt/sweater per week becomes normal.

It's cozy, and you're cold. So there!

3. We let salt and dirty snow build up on our boots and shoes.

You know they'll get ruined anyways, so you just stop cleaning them altogether.

4. We also let the salt build up on our pants for a while before washing.

Salt ruins everything! So why even bother trying to stop it?

5. As a result, you just start wearing your winter boots everywhere.

You can't be bothered to carry an extra pair of shoes with you.

6. And of course, heels are totally ruled out.

As is any shoe with an open toe.

7. As the temperature gets colder, your wardrobe gets darker.

How can you be expected to wear colour when you feel so grey?

8. Shaving takes a back seat.

Long pants everyday = hairy legs. Plus, the extra layer keeps you warmer!

9. And skirts are way too much work

Too many added layers and outfit components!

10. Your blanket becomes your favourite accessory.

During the cold months, blankets and scarves are one in the same. Just ask Lenny Kravitz.

11. Sometimes you don't even leave your bed.

Why face the cold when you can wrap yourself up in a luxurious comforter (which is clearly couture in your dreams).

So, dear summer, please please please come back!

We need something to look forward to.

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