01/16/2015 05:01 EST | Updated 03/18/2015 05:59 EDT

Newborn Saved As Car Bursts Into Flames On Surrey Road

It's the stuff of parents' nightmares.

Cynthia Janisse and Cole Iszak were driving along a road in Surrey, B.C., last night with their three-week-old son Jasiah in the back seat, when they noticed a funny smell.

The smell was quickly accompanied by black smoke emanating from the glove compartment of their BMW. Looking inside, Janisse saw something flickering.

"I said, 'The car's on fire,'" Janisse told CBC News Friday.

Alarmed, Iszak pulled over and the couple jumped out, rushing to get the baby out of his car seat.

"After he was removed, the car was enflamed," said Iszak. "Like some Starsky & Hutch thing.

"It was insane. Boom. Just boom."

Iszak said they barely got Jasiah out of the car in time.

"It was quick," Janisse said. "It was scary."

After the fire department extinguished the flames, Iszak asked if they could retrieve Jasiah's car seat.

"It was a melted glob of smoking plastic," he said.

Thinking about what might have happened is worse than the experience itself, Janisse said.

"I just keep thinking about what could have happened if we didn't get him out of the car ... very scary."

Jasiah appeared unscathed by his fiery adventure. His father said the baby slept through the entire drama, blissfully unaware.

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