01/16/2015 03:32 EST | Updated 03/18/2015 05:59 EDT

Riley Donohue, 7, of B.C., writes, 'There's been a car acadint'

Young Riley Donohue's spelling may be off, but her message to B.C.'s transportation minister about an accident that killed two of her family members is clear. 

"Please put berryres near Lillywat because there has been a car acadint with my famaley," wrote Riley wrote. 

The crash, on Jan. 2, killed the girl's aunt, Trish Donohue, 46, and cousin, McCaul Sage, 7, of Squamish.

They died when the SUV they were riding in crossed the centre line on Highway 99 north of Lillooet and side-swiped a northbound car.

Riley's letter to Transportation Minister Todd Stone ends with "Please, Please, Please, Please put berryrs thare," and is signed "Love, Riley Donohue." 

The accident prompted a nearby resident to start an online petition to reassess the need for concrete barriers along the region's highways.

"I was very upset by other families being impacted by a huge loss, and this is a story that comes up quite often in this area," Deanne Zeidler said.

When Zeidler heard about the crash and spoke to other residents about it, she heard a lot of concern about the safety of highways 99, 12 and 40 in the region.

"I thought it would be a good opportunity to bring together the many voices and bring them to the Ministry [of Transportation]," Zeidler said.

So far, the petition has gathered over 1,500 signatures.

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