01/16/2015 22:51 EST | Updated 03/18/2015 05:59 EDT

Southern Railway admits train rolled through foggy Delta, B.C. crossing with no headlights

Locked-out Southern Railway employees are raising red flags about safety after a train recently rolled through Delta, B.C., on a foggy night, without its headlights turned on.

The incident on Annacis channel bridge was captured on a cellphone camera on Jan. 13 just after 6 p.m. PT. On the video, a man is heard shouting, "You forgot your headlights," as the train rolls out of the fog and into a crossing. 

Watch the raw video

"I was quite shocked when I saw it," said Bill Magri, president of CUPE local 7000, which represents workers at the Southern Railway of B.C. and the British Columbia Rapid Transit Company.

Magri says the ongoing labour dispute has put public safety is at risk.

"This video raises concern about people with less experience running trains during the lockout," he added. "If this kind of thing keeps happening, someone is going to get hurt."

126 railway workers locked out

Some 126 Southern Railway employees, members of CUPE 7000, were locked out on Jan. 5 after they rejected the company's latest contract settlement offer.

According to the union, the trains have been operated since by approximately 20 of the company's 34 managers.

Southern Railway admits a mistake was made.

"We've now discussed this with the employee who acknowledges this is a mistake and it will not happen again," said Southern Railway of B.C. president, Frank Butzelaar.

Butzelaar says the conductor on the train in question was experienced and internal disciplinary measures are being taken. 

He says the incident shows Southern Railway needs to park the trains and get back to the bargaining table.