01/17/2015 04:38 EST | Updated 03/19/2015 05:59 EDT

Denny's restaurant set of guerrilla-style theatre in Prince George

The staff at a Denny's restaurant in Prince George, B.C. are in for a surprise this weekend, when two musicians plan to perform an improvised piece of theatre — Welcome to Debby's — without the restaurant's permission.

Jeremy Stewart and Raghu Lakanathan have invited the public to go to the Denny's on Central Street at 10 p.m. on Sunday, sit down, have a meal and enjoy the show, in which Stewart and Lokanathan will simply talk to each other.

"We were doing a gig at Ohh Chocolat last year and I said to Jeremy, 'I think we should do a performance where we just sit on stage and have a conversation,'" says Lokanathan. 

The play is unscripted and the topics change each time the pair performs. 

In the past, they have talked about Hell, art and being an artist, Facebook, and they have done "spontaneous translations" of Spanish poems.

"I also attempted to explain dialectical materialism, which was a total botch," says Stewart.

Sunday will be the fourth time the pair have performed the play, and the first to be done without permission from the venue.

In the past, planned performances of Welcome to Debby's have only attracted a handful of people. The play has had mixed reviews and at least one walk-out.

"I think there was at least one person we knew of [who thought] … what we did was offensive to theatre," said Lokanathan.

There is no admission to attend Welcome to Debby's, but the restaurant may require you to buy food or drink to sit at the tables.

To hear more about Welcome to Debby's, click the audio labelled: Guerrilla-style improv planned for Prince George Denny's.