01/19/2015 03:39 EST | Updated 01/19/2015 03:59 EST

Bing's Restaurant In Stony Plain Looking For Person Who Left $228 Tip

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Most people tip 15 or 20 per cent for good restaurant service. But would you ever consider leaving 500 per cent?

The owner of Bing's Restaurant in Stony Plain, Alta. is searching for the person who left a huge chunk of change on a take-out order gratuity last week.

A generous (or maybe unaware) customer left a $228 tip on a $39 order of food, according to the Bing's Facebook page.

"I need your help!" the post begins. "I had customer pick up food yesterday afternoon around 1pm [sic] and paid by debit. I'm guessing they entered their PIN number in the tip line or maybe they didn't and wanted to leave a huge tip for the kitchen. Either way, I need to confirm with them so I can refund the money or thank them."

Bing's owner William Choy, who is also the mayor of Stony Plain, told CTV News he's also reached out to the point-of-sale provider for help, hoping they can put him in touch with the person's bank.

“We are truly involved in the community and so this is just making sure that we’re doing what’s right,” Choy explained to Global News.

Whether he gets to keep the money or not, it's clear Choy has his heart in the right place.

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