01/19/2015 01:21 EST | Updated 01/23/2015 02:59 EST

For Everyone's Safety, These Calgary Drivers Need To Relax

These drivers need to chill out.

Dashcam footage uploaded to YouTube over the weekend shows two Calgary drivers playing a very dangerous game of brake check, while other cars try to stay out of the way.

The video shows a black Ford Focus trailing a white Toyota Sequioa, both attempting to merge onto the TransCanada highway heading west of Calgary. The driver of the black car appears to get frustrated with the driver of the SUV, and instead of waiting his turn, passes the SUV in the merge lane.

From there, the driver of the SUV attempts to scare the driver of the black car, and the two swerve all over the road, posing a very serious danger to themselves and other drivers.

Unfortunately, these drivers are just one example of the dangers Calgarians face when they travel the roads. The number of people using dashcams, along with a community of Calgarians who upload dashcam footage online, has increased over the years, making us more attuned to these frightening situations.

In fact, several videos appear daily on /r/Calgarydashcams, a sub-Reddit dedicated to shaming bad drivers and pedestrians.

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