01/19/2015 04:06 EST | Updated 01/19/2015 04:59 EST

Islamic Fundamentalists Burn French Flag In Charlie Hebdo Protest

GAZA, Palestinian Territory- Dozens of Islamic fundamentalists demonstrated outside Gaza City's French Cultural Center Monday to protest the latest caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad published in the satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo.

The protesters set fire to French flags and carried banners condemning the cartoons. One protester held a sign praising one of the Islamic extremist killers who took part in a deadly rampage in Paris earlier this month. No one was present in the centre at the time.

The protesters were Salafist Muslims, not affiliated with Hamas - the Islamic militant group which controls Gaza.

Charlie Hebdo published the latest caricature in response to a terrorist attack on its Paris offices that killed 12 people on Jan. 7.

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