01/19/2015 07:40 EST | Updated 03/21/2015 05:59 EDT

Montreal to celebrate 350 years of horse-drawn carriages in Quebec

The city of Montreal is gearing up to celebrate 350 years since the first horses stepped foot in the province.

The first horses arrived in New France — specifically in Quebec City — in 1665. The 12 mares and two stallions came from Europe.

Today, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre pulled up to the Maison Saint-Gabriel museum in a horse-drawn carriage to mark the anniversary.

According to the museum, horses changed the way of life in the province by helping to clear vast territories, boost Quebec's economic development, take part in several wars and inspire artists.

The museum has launched a calendar of events which include conferences, exhibitions and equestrian demonstrations to honour the contribution of horses in the province.

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