01/19/2015 01:54 EST | Updated 03/21/2015 05:59 EDT

'Only In Surrey' Facebook outrage inspires campaign to give back

A controversial Facebook page showing the underbelly of Surrey has inspired one CBC listener to make a difference for people living in poverty in the city.

After Natalie Walsh heard The Early Edition'sinterview about the Only In Surrey Facebook page, she launched an online campaign to raise money for people in need.

"There was one picture in particular that made me want to take action. She was a woman with two children and she was pushing a stroller and the stroller was piled high with recyclables," Walsh told The Early Edition's Rick Cluff.

"The commenters on the page had nasty things to say about her … wouldn't it have been better to go across the street, say hi and do something to help her?"

Walsh plans to raise money to buy 880 gift certificates worth $25 each for grocery stores in Surrey and to hand them out to people in need.

She's set a goal of raising $22,000 — inspired with the goal of doubling the 11,000 followers the Only In Surrey page has.

"I decided that I wanted to find twice as many people who are willing to do something kind — and I know their out there."

To hear the full interview with Natalie Walsh, click the audio labelled: Outrage over 'Only In Surrey' Facebook page leads to campaign of kindness.