01/19/2015 06:26 EST | Updated 03/21/2015 05:59 EDT

Taxi sexual assault investigation in NDG at a standstill

Montreal police say there's little more they can do to track down a suspect believed to have sexually assaulted a woman in a taxi in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

Const. Danny Richer said investigators met with the victim, but she wasn't able to remember enough about her alleged attacker to lead them to a suspect.

"We are working on this case, but we do need more information to make the investigation progress," Richer said.

The alleged victim came forward last fall around the same time that three other women reported similar incidents to Montreal police.

At the time, police thought the cases could be linked, but after meeting with the alleged victims they discovered the incidents were not related and only one of the reports constituted an assault.

Richer said the other three cases were considered inappropriate behaviour. The information from those three cases was transferred to the Montreal Taxi Bureau, which deals with complaints about cab drivers.

As for the case of assault, Montreal police say the investigation will remain at a standstill unless someone else comes forward with more information.

Police encourage passengers to be cautious

In the meantime, Richer is reminding Montrealers to be careful — he recommends booking a cab through an operator instead of hailing one on the street, travelling with a friend, and always sitting in the back seat. 

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