01/19/2015 02:44 EST | Updated 03/21/2015 05:59 EDT

Tim Jones legacy: North Shore Rescue still trying to raise $6M

North Shore Rescue is celebrating its 50th year, but today, it's also marking a much more sombre anniversary.

It has been one year since former team leader Tim Jones died when he suffered a heart attack coming down from a rescue on Mount Seymour.

Jones was known as a tireless advocate for his team. One of his biggest goals was to create a $6 million legacy fund to support ongoing operations for the group.

"The big challenge for us is funding. We do not have a stable source of funding, so every year all of the local search and rescue teams are going out there and they're fundraising," North Shore Rescue's new team leader, Mike Danks, told The Early Edition's Rick Cluff.

"It really eats up a lot of our time when we're out there trying to shake the trees to raise funds and we've lost our huge advocate Tim Jones who had such a great name and was able to really shake the trees and get sponsorship and money out of people."

Danks said the goal to create the legacy fund continues, with about $275,000 dollars raised so far.

"If we're able to fulfill the $6 million, that's going to provide us stable funding for years to come, and then we can really focus on what our primary job is."

To hear the full interview with Mike Danks, click the audio labelled: Mike Danks on Tim Jones' legacy.