01/19/2015 02:20 EST | Updated 01/19/2015 02:59 EST

TLC's Kickstarter Aims To Put Group's Final Album In Your Hands

Left Eye, second left, T-Boz, center, and Chili, right, of the group TLC accept their award for best group video for their song "No Scrubs," Thursday, Sept. 9, 1999, as Sean "Puffy" Combs looks on from behind, at the 1999 MTV Video Awards in New York. (AP Photo/Ron Frehm)

The fate of TLC's final album rests in your hands, unless of course you're a scrub.

On Sunday, the legendary group's surviving members Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas launched a Kickstarter to produce an album directly funded by fans. The album would be the group's first since the death of their bandmate Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes in 2009, according Jezebel.

The R&B group has toyed with the idea of a new album since 2009, but fans have only seen live performances from Chilli and T-Boz as well as best-of albums. The group's Kickstarter says the album will be a return to TLC's '90s roots.

"Our final album will stay true to the TLC sound, always confronting the real issues and life experiences that we all must face every single day, everywhere. We write music that people relate to...timeless music. No matter the trends, we feel like our music is always relevant," reads the Kickstarter's description.

TLC is looking to raise $150,000 to make the album and aims to feature members of the group's original team. As of Monday afternoon, the project had raised $12,496 from 170 backers.

The group won a Grammy for their sophomore album "CrazySexyCool" in 1996 and has since sold over 10 million units. Despite their success, the group filed for bankruptcy within the same year.

In an interview with Billboard, Thomas says the decision to go with Kickstarter wasn't motivated by money but rather, creative control.

"The only people we'll be talking to and asking their opinion is the fans. That's it," said Thomas. "Doing stuff outside of the box is what TLC does. We came out of the box already out of the box. If we feel like we're in the box, we'd go crazy."

As with all Kickstarters, pledging a certain amount nets perks. In this case, $5 will land you "behind-the-scenes updates about the album" and the chance to vote on a TLC song to be remixed for the album. Fans looking to snag a copy of the album will have to donate at least $15 for a digital copy. Hardcore groupies (or those with a lot of cash) can opt for the $7,500 tier which promises a photo shoot with the group, plus all of the perks from the other donation levels.

The duo also promises to hit the road with a U.S. tour within the year, Thomas told TIME Magazine.

The group says they've already begun writing and production phases and aims to drop the album in May.

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