01/20/2015 05:00 EST | Updated 03/21/2015 05:59 EDT

Alain Magloire inquiry set to resume with key witnesses

The coroner's inquest into the death of AlainMagloire resumes today for its second week with some much-anticipated testimony from two police officers and an expert on the use of force. 

The 41-year-old, who suffered from mental illness and had been living on the street, was shot and killed in a confrontation with police just over a year ago. 

Denis Côté, an officer who was driving a squad car linked to the fatal chain of events, is among those slated to testify.

A surveillance video tells part of the story.

It shows a police car coming between Magloire and four officers. The car then made contact with Magloire, and he rolled off the hood. At that point, officer Pascal Joly tried to tackle him.

Joly slipped and as Magloire appeared poised to strike him with a hammer, another officer shot Magloire four times.

Côté is expected to fill in a few more of the blanks today.

Cmdr. Richard Thouin, who is responsible for the deployment of stun guns for the force, is also set to testify.

The inquest heard last week that officers had called for a stun gun, and one did eventually arrive. But it's not clear how close it was when Magloire was shot.

Bruno Poulin, an expert on the use of police force, is also scheduled to appear. 

He was also an expert witness at the coroner's inquest into the death of Fredy Villanueva.