01/20/2015 07:00 EST | Updated 03/22/2015 05:59 EDT

Edward Berry, former B.C. Ministry of Children manager, charged with child porn possession

Edward Berry, a former manager with B.C.'s Ministry of Children and Family Development, has been charged with possession of child pornography.

Berry is alleged to have committed the offence in April 2014 in or near Prince George, B.C.

Until recently, Berry was a regional executive director of services with the ministry.

Berry's area of practice is child welfare, according to a post on the B.C. College of Social Workers. The post says he was also responsible for other areas such as child and youth mental health, youth justice as well as children and youth with special needs services for northern B.C. 

Whether he was fired or resigned from the ministry isn't clear, but a spokesperson with the ministry confirmed Berry is no longer employed there. 

Last year's annual report for the B.C. Federation of Foster Parent Associations welcomed Berry to his executive director position at the ministry and stated he was a foster parent at some point. 

Berry was arrested without warrant in mid-December in Burnaby, B.C. He appeared before a justice of the peace and was released at the time, but the conditions of his release aren't known.

He is set to appear in a Prince George provincial courtroom on Jan. 28.