01/21/2015 06:00 EST | Updated 03/23/2015 05:59 EDT

Hillary Clinton busts out Vladimir Putin impression in Winnipeg

Hillary Clinton lit up Twitter Wednesday afternoon by poking fun at Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The former U.S. secretary of state was in Winnipeg for a talk on global issues when she busted out her best impression of Putin for about 2,000 people.

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce president Victor Dodig flubbed a lead-in to a question, saying, "If for some reason, you decided to be leader of the United States – or actually run for that, there is a process," and Clinton ran with it.

"Yeah. There is a process. It’s not like Putin. I mean, you can imagine the conversation with Putin," she said before launching into the impression and drawing big laughs from the crowd – who paid $300 a ticket to see her.

Earlier in the talk, Clinton did not mince words when she talked about how she felt about the world leader and ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

"It's very much in our interest to do more to help the Ukraine," Clinton said. "I think the evidence is pretty clear. The Russian army is supporting the Russian separatists, and there is an increasing amount of weaponry and personnel that crosses the border … it's not just about Crimea."