01/21/2015 12:56 EST

Kid Rock's Dead Cougar Photo Sparks Backlash Against Rocker, Ted Nugent

After his controversial comments earlier this year regarding gay marriage, Kid Rock has drummed up backlash again after posing for a photo showing him with a freshly-killed mountain lion.

The musician was photographed with fellow rocker Ted Nugent, who shared the picture on his Facebook page earlier this month, Gigwise reports. The photo shows Rock — dressed in camouflage — holding the dead animal underneath its front paws and standing on its hind legs for the camera.

The post was met with criticism with the first reply from a user named Tracey Matthews. "I always thought that Ted Nugent believes in only hunting what he can eat ? Nobody eats mountain lions. I get the protecting but that's the circle of life. Mountain lions need to eat to survive too! They don't need to be killed! Not happy with Kid Rock!"

And the photo hasn't just upset fans of either musician.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) spoke out regarding the photograph. "It's obvious that not everyone has evolved mentally and emotionally when you see someone grinning after gunning down another living being who was busy minding his or her own business and living life," Ben Williamson, PETA's U.S. senior international media director, told The New York Daily News. "These days, only the very smallest percentage of people find it acceptable in any way to support blood sports like trophy hunting."

It's not the first time Nugent and Rock have been seen hunting together. In November of 2011, Rock posted a photo showing himself and Nugent with bows and celebrating Veterans Day with a "Big slice of FREEDOM!!"

Rock hasn't commented on the photo on his Twitter account nor his official site. The singer is on the cusp of releasing a new studio album entitled "First Kiss".

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