01/21/2015 05:47 EST | Updated 03/23/2015 05:59 EDT

Ryan Millet's lawyer to speak after Dalhousie hearing

A lawyer representing one of the men at the centre of the Dalhousie University dentistry Facebook scandal in Halifax says he will provide an update this morning after the student appeared before a disciplinary committee.

Late Tuesday night, Bruce MacIntosh said fourth-year student Ryan Millet will not speak at the Tuesday news conference starting at 9 a.m. AT, and that he will speak on his client's behalf.  

"Ryan Millet was originally prepared to meet the media and answer questions at an interview session Wednesday morning, despite the fact that he has an important exam early Wednesday afternoon," reads the release. 

"However, as a consequence of unexpected events that unfolded Tuesday evening, including issues that arose at the discipline hearing of the ASC committee, he has decided that addressing media questions tomorrow [Wednesday] would require more effort, energy and emotional strength than he presently possesses."

The meeting Tuesday night was expected to last between two and three hours, but it lasted 4½. 

Millet's name, and photo, are among 13 names that appear in screen shots provided to CBC News showing misogynistic comments by the Facebook group known as Class of 2015 DDS Gentlemen.

He has chosen not to participate in the restorative justice process set out by Dalhousie University and instead chose to go before the dental school's disciplinary committee.