01/21/2015 03:43 EST | Updated 01/21/2015 03:59 EST

Sexy Valentine Gift Ideas For Him And Her This Feb. 14

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It's easy to dismiss Valentine's Day as a ploy to make people unnecessarily spend money on romantic items.. but what if this year you opted instead to embrace the general feeling of love?

Sexy ideas for Valentine's Day gifts abound, and they all run along similar themes: chocolate, candlelit dinners and other well-worn notions of romance. But since we know that sexiness can mean very different things depending on the individual, we've put together some ideas that range from food-themed underwear (mmmm) to dirty greeting cards. And sure, there's some chocolate and candles in there too.

Check out these ideas for sexy gifts for him or her on Valentine's Day (or really, any day at all):

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