01/21/2015 02:50 EST | Updated 01/21/2015 02:59 EST

Slide The City Coming To Calgary And Edmonton -- Hopefully!

It's happening. It's actually happening.

Slide The City, purveyors of a 300-metre-long travelling waterslide, have announced they will bring their enormous slip-and-slide to Calgary and Edmonton's streets — if city officials approve the event.

Organizers have been setting up their giant vinyl tarps in cities across the U.S., showcasing what they say is "the biggest slip-and-slide to ever hit asphalt."

Slide the City hopes to make a splash in Edmonton the weekend of June 27 and in Calgary the first weekend of August.

However, it's not known yet where in each city they will set up the slide.

“We have all the locations scouted and everything, but we can’t really say where its going to be yet,” organizer T.R. Gourley told Metro Calgary.

“We are just working together with the city right now.”

The first-ever Slide the City event took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, where they sold out of the 3,000 tickets offered.

Mayor Don Iveson told CTV News the City of Edmonton still has to decide whether the event will go ahead.

“There will be a lot of thought given to safety liability, access, connectivity, and public safety,” he said.

If the event is approved, tickets will go on sale Feb. 18. Participants can buy wristbands that ensure at least one slide, and include a mouthguard and a water gun. People are also encouraged to bring their own inner tubes and other water toys.

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