01/22/2015 18:00 EST | Updated 03/24/2015 05:59 EDT

Gastown glass tower would look like 'Jurassic Park rodent' chewfest, says heritage advocate

Vancouver heritage advocate Anthony Norfolk is hoping the City of Vancouver rejects a proposed 26-storey glass tower on the city's north waterfront, at 555 Cordova Street.

"It looks to me like a Jurassic Park rodent has chewed away at the ground," Norfolk — a member of the Vancouver Heritage Commission — told The Early Edition's Rick Cluff.

Norfolk said he doesn't mind the idea of seeing a contemporary design in the location, but he doesn't feel this proposal works.

"It's just the wrong building in the wrong place. Too much. Too close. Someone could come up with something better."

The building is being proposed by Cadillac Fairview, and was designed by Chicago-based architecture firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture.

Thursday is the last day for the public to submit feedback to the City of Vancouver on the proposal. Norfolk hopes people speak their mind and prompt the city to nix the design.

"I think what should happen here is what happens in a lot of cases. The criticisms are found to be justified."

To hear the full interview with Anthony Norfolk, click the audio labelled: Vancouver waterfront glass tower critic