01/22/2015 04:30 EST | Updated 03/23/2015 05:59 EDT

Mental Health Commission Report Explores Canada's Condition And Future Strategies

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OTTAWA - A national commission is releasing a comprehensive study today on the state of Canada's mental health.

The Mental Health Commission's report stems from 13 indicators that provide a glimpse of how Canadians are faring mentally. By April, the commission will provide details on close to 60 indicators involving children, youth, adults and seniors in a variety of settings.

The initial report finds Canadians experience extremely high levels of stress when acting as caregivers to family members.

It has also determined that suicide rates in Canada, while stable over time, are higher than in some other G8 countries.

The commission is hoping the indicators will be used to develop strategies to improve the mental health of Canadians.

The Conservative government created the Mental Health Commission of Canada in 2007. The organization, although funded by Health Canada, operates at arm's length from the government and has a 10-year mandate.

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