12 Foods Full Of Vitamin C

Your idea of getting a "good amount" of vitamin C may just be eating an orange and drinking a glass of juice — or at least, this is what you've been told to do this when you're sick.

While oranges are a good source of the vitamin, there are other fruits and veggies that carry a lot more (vitamin C) weight. Vitamin C is a water-soluable vitamin, and is important for the growth and repair of bones, teeth, skin and other tissues, says Edmonton-based registered dietitian Emily Mardell of Food First Nutrition Consulting.

"Most people can get enough vitamin C by eating a healthy diet," she says. "Vitamin C can help to prevent cell damage and may reduce your risk for certain cancers and other chronic diseases."

Men 19 and older should aim for about 90 mg of vitamin C a day, while women 19 and older should aim for about 75 mg, she says. However, pregnant women 19 and older should have about 85 mg, and breastfeeding women should have about 120 mg. Between all age ranges, nobody should have more than 2,000 mg of vitamin C a day.

"Taking high doses may cause digestive problems," Mardell adds.

But there are people who may be at risk for vitamin C deficiency. Smokers, people with limited food variety in their diet and anyone suffering from chronic diseases may need a larger dose. Although Mardell says most people can get enough vitamin C through foods, talk to your doctor if taking a supplement is necessary.

Here are 12 healthy fruits and veggies with the most vitamin C, ranked:

How Much Vitamin C Am I Eating?