01/22/2015 08:30 EST | Updated 03/24/2015 05:59 EDT

Woman builds 186 sq. foot 'tiny home' in North Vancouver

With Vancouver crowned the second-most unaffordable city in the world just earlier this week, it's no surprise that many people are looking for more affordable alternatives for housing.

Some move to the suburbs, while others find roommates or go for 'Wizard of Oz' suites. But one woman says the city should consider allowing people to rent out their backyards to people with tiny homes on wheels. 

Tired of dealing with rent increases and roommates, 50-year-old Isabella Mori took matters into her own hands.

"Trying to buy a place here [in Vancouver] as everyone knows at this point is almost impossible unless you have a very high income," she said.

She found a builder who specialized in constructing tiny houses. After spending $39,000 and eight months later, Mori is the proud owner of an 186 sq. foot home — complete with multi- functional spaces and collapsible furnishings — in an RV park on the north shore. 

And so far, Mori has no regrets. 

"It's great ... I was waiting to wake up and go, 'oh lord, I live in a 186 sq. feet space with two cats. What have I done?' But that just hasn't happened."

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