01/23/2015 07:34 EST | Updated 03/25/2015 05:59 EDT

Bryan Adams's grand piano sits untuned and unplayed at Sutherland Secondary School

Bryan Adams's former grand piano could be set for a new lease of life - if current owners Sutherland Secondary School, in North Vancouver, B.C., can get his permission to give it a tune up.

At Adams's recent show in Vancouver, the rock musician said he gave the piano, which he used to write his first songs, to the school, which he attended until Grade 9.

Sutherland Secondary School music teacher Chris Bevis says he only recently found out about the piano's past.

"I like to think that as he started his career he was unable to take it with him and, recognizing the impact of his school experiences, he donated it for that reason," said Bevis.

Bevis said the piano has obviously been around the block a few times.

"Clearly you can tell it has a lot of playing on it because it has a nice warm, dark, and full sound for a piano," said Bevis.

Despite the piano's rich sound, it is out of tune. Bevis suggested to one of his students that she send Adams a letter to see if they could get it reconditioned.

"It's been in here for I don't know how many years and I don't even know if it's ever been played," said Grade 12 student Erica Stewart.

Bevis said it would be a thrill for the students to finally be able to play it.

"With the possibility of getting the piano reconditioned it's exciting to have the option to perform his music on his own piano."

To hear what Bryan Adams's piano sounds like, click on the audio labelled: High school hopes to refurbish Bryan Adams's former piano