01/23/2015 04:17 EST | Updated 03/25/2015 05:59 EDT

Motorcycle safety: 5 tips on how to ride safely

The annual Vancouver Motorcycle Show begins in Abbotsford's Tradex Exhibition Centre today, and while a full roster of motorcycles, scooters and ATVs will be on display, the Justice Institute of BC will also be there to remind motorcycle enthusiasts about safety.

While the onus is on both motorcyclists and car drivers to be safe on the road, instructor Bruce Waddington told The Early Edition motorcyclists bear a bigger responsibility.

Here are five things Waddington suggests motorcyclists keep in mind when they're on the road:

Give other vehicles space

"You need to be looking at your space cushion — that's the space around you from other vehicles. You need to be monitoring timing between you and the vehicle ahead of you so you're not tailgating them.

Consider visibility

"Which lane position or which lane you should be in in the road to make yourself most visible to other drivers? Coincidentally that's the same position that you're in that you can see them the best."

Consider traction issues

"Is there sand on the road, are there potholes, is there rough pavement — those kinds of issues that affect the suspension on motorcycles."

Discourage lane passing

"We teach about dominance — how to ride properly to stop other cars from wanting to share your lane."

Slow down

"You need to give yourself time to see what's up ahead, think about it and have time to do something about it. The one way you can give yourself more time to do all that is slow down."