01/23/2015 03:51 EST | Updated 03/25/2015 05:59 EDT

PG Confessions Facebook page provides outlet for secrets

Hearing other people's secrets and sharing them with the world isn't always an easy task.

Roxanne Ivanoff runs the PG Confessions Facebook page, where people from Prince George are able to anonymously share their secrets.

That means she has to decide which secrets are posted — and which are left off the site.

"If they are really sexual posts, trolling posts, if someone is just being really silly, saying really stupid things, we don't put in on there, because they're just looking for attention," she told Daybreak North's Russell Bowers.

"Even just a while ago there was someone posting about how someone was paying them to stalk this girl and put a bomb in her vehicle and apparently it was true," said Ivanoff, who took the confession down.

"That was pretty scary."

Secrets are submitted through an online form via Google. Everything is submitted anonymously, but Ivanoff said authorities could still be able to track the poster through the IP address.

Most of the secrets do make it to Facebook, and Ivanoff said there are many reasons why people submit their confessions.

"The release of having somewhere to say something, and then figuring out what someone's reaction would be, because we all have secrets, that's for sure."

Ivanoff said many people are also asking for advice — and sometimes tough love — which they receive from commenters.

To hear the full interview with Roxanne Ivanoff, click the audio labelled: Roxanne Ivanoff of PG Confessions.