01/23/2015 11:38 EST | Updated 03/25/2015 05:59 EDT

'Stay away' from Jennifer Lopez's new movie The Boy Next Door

Jennifer Lopez plays a single mom who becomes the focus of her handsome young neighbour's dangerous obsession in the new thriller The Boy Next Door.

The popstar, actress and American Idol judge (who hasn't had a hit movie since she was "Jenny From The Block") swaps her on-stage swagger for serious-teacher glasses as Claire — a newly separated teacher who falls into the 19-year-old arms of Noah (played by Ryan Guzman.)

But the high school student quickly morphs into a stalker after JLo agrees to help him with his chicken. Then, the "movie shifts from ominous to obvious at light speed," says CBC film critic Eli Glasner.

"[It's] the kind of film that flunks even the most basic requirements," says Glasner who censures the film for its "ham-fisted storytelling and lack of tension." 

The Boy Next Door is in theatres now.

Don't miss Eli's full review (and its inventive use of Popsicle sticks) in the video above.