01/24/2015 06:35 EST | Updated 03/26/2015 05:59 EDT

Bill and Jeannie Chaplin continue to travel around the world

Radio West host Rebecca Zandbergen was conducting research for an ongoing series about seniors when she came across a travel blog that caught her eye.

In her blog, 24 year-old Saya Creaser from Wolfville, Nova Scotia, wrote these two lines:

"I met a couple from Vernon who were 82 years old and still backpacking from hostel to hostel. I ended up spending a lot of time with them, listening to all of their travel stories."

Creaser had met the two seniors, Bill and Jeannie Chaplin, at a hostel when she was travelling in Ecuador.

"They were pretty cool," Creaser said. "I was pretty impressed with how energetic they were and the day I was leaving they wanted me to go ziplining with them."

Zandbergen tracked down Bill, 82, and Jeannie, 75, who invited her over for coffee.

Their cozy house in Oyama, B.C. was filled with souvenirs from around the world — a carpet from Pakistan, wall hangings from Burma, a reclining Buddha from Cambodia.

"We seem to have the same interests and our decisions on where to go are always mutual," said Jeannie.

The two have travelled to 46 countries and have trekked through Nepal seven times. They're often gone for months at a time, sometimes an entire year.

"We had a few times when we'd laugh and say 'Oh boy, if the kids could see us now!' Riding on the roof of Indian buses and things like that," said Jeannie.

When they travel, they don't book any accommodation ahead of time. Instead, Bill said they just "go with the flow" and that it's never been a problem.

Over the years, their backpacks have gotten smaller and smaller.

"One of our secrets of being mobile is travelling light," said Bill. "If you need warmer clothes you just acquire them as a souvenir."

Bill said that when they travel, he only carries two pairs of underwear, two pairs of socks, and two shirts.

Despite their youthful vitality, the two have begun to think about what they might do if they're no longer as sprightly.

"I think if we can't travel anymore, we've got so many memories," said Jeannie. "I've kept a journal on all our trips."

In the meantime, they're already planning their next journey. They hope to visit Colombia in March.

To listen to the full interview and hear more about Bill and Jeannie's travels, click on the audio labelled: Age isn't slowing down travelling couple