01/24/2015 09:01 EST | Updated 03/26/2015 05:59 EDT

Title of world's oldest hockey stick could still be up for grabs

A Niagara Falls, Ont., man thinks he may own a treasured piece of hockey history and he's hoping somebody can help him learn more about the artifact.

Art Federow found what he believes may be the world's oldest known hockey stick in the attic of his grandfather's home on Chippawa Creek, a tributary of the Welland River, nearly five decades ago. 

Just a few kilometres downstream of his grandfather's house is a small pond where some historians believe the first games of hockey may have been played as early as the 1830s. 

But Federow doesn't have the only claim. Earlier this month, the Canadian Museum of Civilization bought another stick from a Sydney, N.S., man for $300,000 which they believe is indeed the world's oldest stick.

Since the deal was revealed, the museum has received multiple calls from people like Federow who say they may own a stick even older than the one found in Nova Scotia. 

Sports memorabilia collectors say work needs to be completed before it's known which stick is truly the oldest, but no matter the outcome, Federow likely has a valuable piece of Canadian history. 

Watch the video report from CBC's Charslie Agro above for a deeper look at Federow's story.