01/26/2015 08:25 EST | Updated 03/28/2015 05:59 EDT

Aniol Serrasolses, extreme kayaker, describes 'amazing' 115 ft. plunge down B.C.'s Keyhole Falls

Extreme kayaker ​Aniol Serrasolses says his 10-storey plunge down Keyhole Falls in B.C.'s the Lillooet River was the "biggest project" of his career.

"The experience is just amazing," said Serrasolses. "To see the landscape, the view of the Lillooet Valley for a second, and then you're dropping down a hundred feet."

Serrasolses, from Spain, believes he's the first person to kayak down the 115-feet waterfalls. He performed the stunt in October 2014, which was filmed by Redbull's Adventure Sport series.

To access the site, Serrasolses had to rappel down a cliff with his kayak. He had a 12 person team to support him, with his brother in charge of safety and a professional climber to set up the rappels for him to climb down.

"Everything about it was so appealing because it was so difficult to do it," said Serrasolses.

The actual plunge only took about three seconds, after which Serrasolses emerged unharmed from the shallow pool below.

"Before you drop in you're kind of scared because you think of what could go wrong," said Serrasolses. "But once I drop in, I just focus on what I have to do."

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