01/26/2015 11:56 EST | Updated 03/28/2015 05:59 EDT

Calvin Liang, 15-year-old app developer, helps Kits Secondary students get organized

Calvin Liang may only be 15 years old but he's been writing code for years and now has a hit app designed specifically to help his peers stay organized.

The Kitsilano School App is a free download created by Liang and has over 400 users including students and teachers.

The app gives Kits teachers and students reminders of when assignments are due, a calendar to remind them of different classes and even a schedule that signals when it's time to silence phones because class is about to begin. 

"I like knowing how to tell a computer what to do instead of using software to do stuff," said Liang, who started coding when he was 11. "I think that's fun."

Started high school apps club

Liang went to Ellen Roberts, the principal at his school last year, and asked about starting an apps club. 

"I said, 'what's an app club?', 'Oh, we're going to make an app,'" said Roberts. "And I thought in the back of my mind it would be like an old computer program like we would have done in high school.  But when this came out and I took a look at it, I thought, 'this truly is an app and its in the app store, kind of mind-boggling."

Roberts said she's glad someone figured out how to make such an app and was willing to share it with his classmates. 

There's only three members in the Kitsilano Secondary School apps club and Liang came up with the calendar app. 

While Liang has developed other apps before, this has hit online stores and is available for both Android phones and iPhones. 

App specific to Kits Secondary for now

Right now, the app is specific to Kits but Liang said he could adapt it for other schools. 

Liang said he likes writing code and hopes to have a career in technology someday with his dream to create the next Facebook or Google. 

"A lot of people get rich making websites," he said. "Facebook and Google got pretty big."