01/26/2015 06:12 EST | Updated 01/26/2015 06:59 EST

Chris Sutter, Darryl's Son, Was The Real Star At The NHL All-Star Game

The 2015 NHL All-Star Game put some of hockey's best players head-to-head in an annual exhibition match on Sunday.

But it was one of the faces behind the bench who stole the spotlight for us.

L.A. Kings coach Darryl Sutter directed play for one of the all-star teams and had his son Chris helping him during the game.

Chris was born with Trisomy 21, a form of Down syndrome that affects one's physical and mental development, the Kings reported in 2012.

The Toronto Star said last year that Chris is often present at Kings games, where he appears on the Jumbotron when they play at home and high-fives journalists after team victories.

He shows that same good nature in a touching video from the All-Star Game, in which he's seen exchanging a fist bump with Senators player Bobby Ryan and offering some tips to Blackhawks star Patrick Kane.

The All-Star Game offers plenty of spectacle, but Chris was, without a doubt, our favourite part this year.

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