01/26/2015 03:12 EST | Updated 03/28/2015 05:59 EDT

Dolly Parton to feature Jordan Straker's coat of many colours

A special wooden coat of many colours made by an acclaimed Penticton carver for country singer Dolly Parton will be featured at the annual opening of Dollywood.

"I've always had this in my mind, this little coat," Jordan Straker told Daybreak South's Jaimie Kehler.

The coat is inspired by Parton's song Coat of Many Colors — about a coat of rags her mother made her when she was a child.

"It's easy listening, it's a catchy tune, and Dolly actually wrote it about the truth," he said.

While the song is based on a real story — Straker's design is a product of his own imagination.

"I never saw her coat until after this was done, but this looks nothing like the coat of many colours."

Straker's coat will go Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in March, where it will be received by Parton herself.

Straker has been a fan of the country singer for at least 30 years, and has high expectations for Parton's response to his work.

"At the very least matrimony. After all these years, I think I can expect that."

To hear the full conversation with carver Jordan Straker, click the audio labelled: Coat of many colours goes to Dollywood.

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