01/26/2015 12:04 EST | Updated 03/28/2015 05:59 EDT

Final arguments made at Adam Cyr murder trial in Regina

The trial of Adam Cyr has entered the final stages.

On Monday, the defence finished presenting evidence and final arguments from lawyers were made.

The jury of nine women and three men has been hearing evidence since Jan. 5.

Cyr is charged with second-degree murder in the death of two-year-old Natalia Shingoose.    

Graphic evidence presented so far has included pictures of a battered little girl and an audio recording of her mother's 911 call.

The trial was supposed to take two weeks, but as of Monday had stretched into four.

Court has heard that Adam Cyr, 34, was left in charge of the little girl on the night in question.

Natalia Shingoose was in bed when her mother came home that night.

The next morning Shingoose was found dead from what the coroner calls blunt force trauma.  

It took about four hours for her to die, court heard.

Cyr was at home the whole time, but says he did not do it and did not see or hear an attack.

The defence says a friend of the mother's named Matthew Bennett is the real killer.

"Adam Cyr did not kill Natalia Shingoose. Matthew Bennett did," Bob Hrycan, Cyr's lawyer said in his closing argument Monday. "We know that when he [Bennett] explodes, nothing is safe."

The defence's case is that the mother is framing Cyr to cover up for her friend.

"It is an act. It is put on," Hrycan said of the child's mother, Amanda Trevors, during her interviews with police.

Court heard Bennett was in the home at 3 a.m. CST. He said he saw the front door open and went in to make sure everyone was all right.

According to Hrycan's argument, Cyr couldn't hear Shingoose being assaulted by Bennett because he was asleep and stoned, adding the child couldn't scream because she was being choked.

"I now tell you that he [Cyr] is innocent," Hrycan said. "He didn't do it, period."

Crown's argument

The Crown prosecutor on the case said Cyr was responsible for the injuries that led to the child's death.

"Mr. Cyr was looking after a rambunctious child, she tested his patience and he assaulted her," James Fitz-Gerald, the Crown prosecutor who gave final arguments in the case, said Monday.

In the Crown's theory, Cyr (after killing the child) initially put Shingoose's dead body in a neighbour's garbage bin, realized that wasn't smart and so cleaned her, put her in a clean diaper and put her in bed.

"Cyr had to take a desperate chance if he was to get away with murder," Fitz-Gerald said.

He also criticized the defence argument that blamed Bennett, telling the jury it doesn't make sense that Bennett would kill the girl then wake up her mother.

Fitz-Gerald finished his final argument by reminding the jury what Cyr said while he was being recorded at the police station.

He told them Cyr was alone in the interview room and said, "I'm a child killer. I'm a child killer ... Oh, God."

The jury is expected to begin deliberations on the case on Wednesday, after receiving instructions — also known as the charge to the jury — from the presiding judge.