01/26/2015 04:07 EST | Updated 03/28/2015 05:59 EDT

Extreme Cold Weather Brings -62 C Wind Chill To Iqaluit

Environment Canada issued extreme cold weather warnings for Iqaluit, Clyde River and Pond Inlet today, warning that temperatures around the -40 C mark combined with winds anywhere from 15 to 40 km/h have been giving extreme wind chill values of -50 C to -60 C. 

"Little change is expected in this weather pattern," the weather alert says. 

A separate warning for Hall Beach, Nunavut, has since been lifted. 

In Iqaluit, several schools and daycares were closed due to the extreme cold. The city pulled its sewage and water trucks off the road, and many found their cars wouldn't start. 

One person tried an experiment to see how quickly a tray of ice cubes would freeze outdoors. 

The verdict? About 30 minutes. 

Paige Nicholls in Iqaluit shared her video of tossing a cup of boiling water in the air at a wind chill of -67 C. 

Another Iqaluit resident expressed his own shock at the cold posting this selfie.  

Richard Paton posted a photo of himself walking to work in Iqaluit in temperatures that reached into the -60s with the wind. (Richard Paton/Facebook)


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