01/26/2015 03:38 EST | Updated 01/26/2015 03:59 EST

Once In A Lifetime: Life-Changing Experiences (And Their Price Tags)

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Let’s get this out of the way: There is nothing wrong with treating yourself. But what if you feel that you deserve a little more than just a treat? Well, then you’d probably start eyeballing one of these life-changing experiences, and we would salute you. These larger-than-life adventures definitely fall in the category of #YOLO. But, hey, why dream small when you have a world of opportunities available to you?

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A magical vacation

Craving something magical? Head to Musha Cay in the Bahamas, a collection of private islands purchased by magician David Copperfield for a reported $50 million to turn into an uber-exclusive resort. You can rent the entire 100-acre property for a mere $37,000 per night (with a four-night minimum). For that price, you get a full staff catering to your every whim, a movie theatre on the beach, a chance to play on a pool table once owned by Harry Houdini, and plenty of Oceanside privacy.

The high life

They used to say that getting there was half the fun. That was true before long security lineups, restrictions on liquids and packed cabins. Singapore Airlines is putting some of the glamour back into air travel by offering first class-plus suites to passengers on its New York to Singapore route. For $23,000, sit back and enjoy a private suite, complete with full-sized bed, 23-inch surround sound TV, Bose headphones, Dom Pérignon champagne on hand, pajamas designed by Givenchy, toiletries by Salvatore Ferragamo, and meals (your choice of 60 meals that can be booked ahead along with wine pairings) consumed with real cutlery and on real china to boot.

Sleep with the fishes

Three words: Underwater hotel room. At The Manta Resort (Pemba Island, Zanzibar), you can enjoy the exquisite luxury of Africa’s first underwater hotel room. In reality, it’s more of a three-floor private suite/island (at $1,500 a night for two), with the top floor being above water (complete with day bed) and the dining, living, and bedroom areas being submerged. Just be prepared to play the exhibitionist as divers and exotic fish alike are free to swim by your bedroom window for a peek. (It’s totally still worth it.)

Top of the mountain

If an underwater hotel room doesn’t impress you much, let’s take another direction: A hotel on the Himalayas. Wildflower Hall offers a selection of amazing and luxurious rooms, all of which feature a stunning view of India from the top of a mountain. The most elegant of all the rooms is the Lord Kitchener Suite (available for an undisclosed amount per night), featuring a wall-to-wall window, a gigantic bathroom with a full-length bathtub, and (we cannot repeat this enough) a view of India from on top of a mountain.

Alone time

Want to get away from it all? Set your sights on Bhutan, one of the world’s least-visited countries. The lack of tourists has nothing to do with its appeal as a destination. Set amidst the world’s highest mountains, there’s plenty to see, from monasteries built clinging to impossibly steep cliffs to pristine hiking trails untouched by time. Visas are tough to get and limited in number, plus the country has a set minimum daily spending requirement ($250 US per day) for tourists. But it’s all worth it for a bit of heaven on earth.