01/26/2015 01:22 EST | Updated 03/28/2015 05:59 EDT

New Brunswick survey says most schools not meeting nutritional guidelines

FREDERICTON - The New Brunswick Medical Society says 54 per cent of more than 100 school menus surveyed from across the province do not meet nutritional guidelines.

The menus represent 41 per cent of all schools in the province.

The medical society says it's not clear whether the remainder of the menus meet provincial guidelines.

Vanessa Yurchesyn, co-chairwoman of NB Dieticians in Action, says many of the menus would have met nutritional guidelines were it not for the daily inclusion of food such as burgers, pizza or cookies.

Yurchesyn says according to provincial policy, these foods can only be served twice a week.

The medical society says stories of schools serving exceptional food will be included in a guide to be released next week.