01/26/2015 08:39 EST | Updated 03/28/2015 05:59 EDT

War veteran William Stephenson still waiting for 2013 tax refund

A Second World War veteran is getting worried about filing his upcoming tax returns, as he is still waiting for last year's refund to arrive.

William Stephenson, 89, filed his tax return in April last year.

He was supposed to get a refund of nearly $1,000.

Despite attempts to sort it out with Canada Revenue Agency, Stephenson is still waiting.

"It's frustrating as can be," Stephenson told CBC News in an interview.

Fed up with his wait, Stephenson contacted his local MP, Michael Chong.

Chong told CBC News that Stephenson filed his taxes on time, but they were somehow misplaced. His office said he took the matter to the minister of national revenue.

"In the next number of days, they're going to assess his return, issue a notice of assessment and if appropriate, give him his refund," Chong said.

Stephenson said he'll believe it when the cheque is in his hand.

Click on the video above to see a full report from the CBC's Lucy Lopez.