01/26/2015 01:00 EST

All The Times Wayne Gretzky Looked Like A Boss Off The Ice

Most of the news of late has been centred around one particular Gretzky: Paulina, eldest daughter of Wayne and Janet Jones. But guess what Paulina? Monday, Jan, 26 is your dad's birthday so it's time for you and your adorable newborn son to step aside and cede the spotlight to The Great One.

To celebrate Wayne Gretzky's birthday, we take a look at all the times the 54-year-old former NHL star looked like a boss off the ice. (Never forget his wedding style.)

Happy birthday, Wayne!

  • When He Wore This Suit And Mini Pompadour At His Wedding
    We still can't get over Janet's over-the-top gown.
  • When He Proudly Showed Off His Hot Wife At TIFF
    Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP
    Damn, they make a good-looking pair.
  • When He Looked Super Smug On The Red Carpet
    Arthur Mola /Invision/AP
    Janet's got some killer style, too!
  • When He Looked Really Happy Just To Be Wearing A Suit
    John Shearer/Invision/AP
    Custom made, obviously.
    Need a light, Wayne?
  • Seriously, Dude Loves His Cigars
    Christian Petersen via Getty Images
    They probably help with his game.
  • When He Looked Totally At Ease In The Spotlight
    Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP
    Janet, ftw.
  • Working It In A Classic Baseball Hat
    Go team, go!
  • When He Let His Sons Share The Spotlight
    Leonard Adam via Getty Images
    They're so cute!
  • When He Took Charge On The Green
    Michael Cohen via Getty Images
    You can't get any more classic than a navy vest over a white tee.
  • He Really Does Have Golf Wear Down Pat
    Christian Petersen via Getty Images
    Black on black is so chic.
  • When He Brightened Up His Look With Red Laces
    Chris Condon via Getty Images
    He still knows what's in style these days.
  • When He Was Paulina's Date On The Red Carpet
    She really looks like Janet, no?
  • When He And May J. Blige Locked Eyes
    In another lifetime, they could have started something...
  • When He Got The Family To Wear His Team's Colours
    Harry How via Getty Images
    It's like they just stepped off the plane from Paris.
  • When He Experimented With Velvet
    Valerie Macon via Getty Images
    Again, Janet is killing it on the red carpet.
  • When He Introduced Paulina To The Fashion World
    George Pimentel via Getty Images
    Look at how young they both were!
  • When He Was All NBD About Being Interviewed
    Eliot J. Schechter via Getty Images
    He really looks like he doesn't care. 'Cause he's The Great One.
  • When He Looked So Cute Next To His Youngest Kid Emma
    Gregory Shamus via Getty Images
  • That Moment When He Was Really Proud Of Paulina
    Jeffrey Mayer via Getty Images
    Looking good, bae.
  • When He Looked Really Passionate During A Speech
    Mark Davis via Getty Images
    You tell 'em, Wayne!
  • When He Outshone A Movie Star
    Kevin Winter via Getty Images
    Cuba Gooding who?
  • When He Was Totally In Love With A Young Paulina
    And wore an animal-print tie, might we add.

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