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Thomas Lukaszuk To Seek PC Nomination In Edmonton

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EDMONTON - Former Alberta deputy premier Thomas Lukaszuk says he will seek re-election despite not being reappointed to cabinet last fall after losing the party leadership to Premier Jim Prentice.

Lukaszuk says he will seek the Progressive Conservative party nomination again in Edmonton-Castle Downs, a seat he has won in four provincial elections since 2001.

The party has not set a date for the nomination meeting, but Lukaszuk says he is already selling PC party memberships just in case he is challenged.

Lukaszuk quit cabinet last May to seek the party leadership, and has served as minister of employment, education and advanced education over the years.

He says he considers himself to be a "progressive" progressive conservative, and looks forward to continue speaking his mind.

Lukaszuk says there will be many new members of the legislature after the next election and the government will need some veterans.

"Considering how many members are actually leaving politics — senior hard-working, experienced MLAs, I think this government and this caucus will benefit from some of the experience I bring to the table," he said Tuesday.

So far this month former cabinet ministers Doug Griffiths and Doug Horner have resigned and Fred Horne announced he won't run again. Tories Mary Anne Jablonski and Donna Kennedy-Glans have also said they won't seek re-election.

Lukaszuk said he would never consider crossing the floor to another party and feels there are many PC members who share his values.

He said if he wins the PC nomination and is re-elected in the next provincial vote he will be ready to serve wherever he can do the most good.

In the 2012 provincial election he won the Edmonton-Castle Downs constituency with more than 52 per cent of the vote.

"If I am in cabinet I would be thrilled to assist our premier and our government in making good decisions, but if I am not, this is not an ego issue."

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