01/27/2015 03:15 EST | Updated 03/29/2015 05:59 EDT

@UNBCScraps Twitter account connects students with free food

A new Twitter account —​ @UNBCScraps — is telling students at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George, B.C., where to find free food on campus.

"You always have catering events, different functions that you can show up at, and there will be maybe 20 less people that have arrived than they anticipated and there will be a bit extra from there, so we just try to make sure that students can get that and eat it rather than throwing it out," campus food strategy coordinator Melanie Anderson told Daybreak North's Russell Bowers.

Anderson said students were already telling each other about free food through text messages, but said putting the information on Twitter means more people can be in the know.

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She said while many students are on a tight budget, the focus of the Twitter account is to reduce food waste.

"I think there's a select group [of students] that are interested in reducing waste, and I think we're the same group that would be maybe open to dumpster diving or maybe open to scraping off the mould from cheese. We're o.k. with food that maybe isn't perfect and it's better than being in the landfill and it's better than going to waste."

Anderson said her team has also created a partnership with the school's cafeteria to save food destined for the garbage which is then picked up the the St. Vincent de Paul Society. She said 1,200 pounds of food has been donated so far.

To hear the full interview with UNBC's Campus Food Strategy Coordinators Melanie Anderson and Torrye Mackenzie, click the audio labelled: @UNBCScraps Twitter connects students with free food.