01/27/2015 09:06 EST | Updated 03/29/2015 05:59 EDT

Veggies with a side of reptile? Labrador woman makes gross discovery

A woman in Churchill Falls, N.L., says she made a nasty discovery in a bag of frozen vegetables she picked up at the local grocery store.

Cassondra Marshall posted on CBC Newfoundland and Labrador's Facebook page Monday a photo of what appears to be the severed head of an amphibian or reptile.

Marshall wanted to warn others of what scaly creatures — or what's left of them — could be in their bags of vegetables.

"Surprised and disgusted to find a lizard head in my Green Giant veggies this evening while eating supper," Marshall wrote.

Marshall said the Green Giant brand vegetables were purchased at Wal-Mart in Labrador City.

"I hope no one else finds this in their veggies, [because] this made me sick to my stomach," she said.

According to Marshall's post, she emailed the company to alert it about what could have made it to her dinner plate.

"I was disgusted and the worst part is we only have the head so makes you wonder where the rest of it is."

A representative from the Green Giant said the company is looking into whether it received a complaint.