How Does American Macaroni And Cheese Compare To Canadian Kraft Dinner?

No Canadian childhood is complete without the delicious and neon-orange flavouring (yes, neon orange is now a flavour) of Kraft Dinner. So when Buzzfeed decided to put it to the test against American mac 'n cheese, we couldn't help but be intrigued.

Of course, Kraft Dinner demonstrated its inherent superiority from the start. After all, we have a nickname for our favourite pasta-and-cheese dish, and they don't. Plus, for many of us, it was the first dish we ever learned how to cook for ourselves.

We do take umbrage, however, with the categorization of KD being "all that we Canadians have." Have you not heard of poutine, guys? It's kind of a big deal.

Now, we can't imagine anything tasting more delicious than our tried-and-true KD, but if you have an opinion on the matter, you know we want to hear it below.

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