01/28/2015 10:47 EST | Updated 03/30/2015 05:59 EDT

Felix the feeble fox found by vet, nursed back to health

A young fox that was found on Newfoundland's west coast has been nursed back to health, thanks to a lucky encounter with a local vet.

The silver fox, which has been named Felix, was found thin and malnourished in the community of Noel's Pond, near Stephenville.

Luckily for Felix, the person who found him was Dr. Jessica Boyd, a veterinarian at a local animal hospital.

Boyd found the feeble fox in her barn where she keeps horses.

"I went into the shelter to feed the horses and there's a fox in the shelter. And initially, I kind of thought OK, this is a wild animal, he's probably going to run away. Just stay back and let him do his thing," said Boyd.

She said it looked sick and was curled up in a ball looking for shelter.

"He didn't struggle, kind of just hung out in my arms and at this point I'm like, 'OK, I have a fox in my arms. Now what do I do?'" she said.

Boyd was worried that the horses would trample little Felix, so she took the animal back to the vet clinic where she works.

Felix was given some food and nursed back to health over the past week, and he is now en route to the east coast of the island to live at the Salmonier Nature Park.